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Our references: non-exhaustive list

- Jules verne Printed carpet Atelier Pinton 2019
- Château St Jean Hotel 5*, wall to wall carpeting Hand tuft Atelier Pinton 2019
- Château form la défense, printed carpet Gallery B 2019
- Palais Privé Paris, passage escalier Hand Tuft Edition Bougainville 2020
- Private palace Morocco, Custom made carpets, Elsen flat weave & Son 2019
- Ambassade France Ankara, escalier wilton Atelier Pinton 2019
- Galerie Lafayette Jacquemus, Couture tapis sur mesure Atelier Pinton 2020
- Cartier Paris Madrid shops, templates and wall-to-wall carpet installation,
Pinton 2020 Workshop
- Boutiques Dior Paris CHI Design / Staron 2020
Hotel du Louvre Axminster wall to wall and staircase, Ulster 2019
- Parisian boutique hotels Axminster
- Town halls, printed carpet Galerie B 2019
- Villas & Private Palaces Paris Province and Abroad, tense poses 2020
- Motor yacht 70 m Wall to wall carpet Hand Tuft Edition Bougainville 2020
- Bars restaurants Paris Axminster Atelier Pinton 2020
- Brasserie le Procope Axminster Atelier Pinton
- Restaurant Jules Verne Atelier Pinton 2021
- Elysee Palace Atelier Pinton 2021
- Hotel Lutetia Stepevi 2021
- Restaurant Taillevent Stepevi 2021
- Boutique Dior
- Hotel La messardiere Staron 2021

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